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Here are some of the Best Affiliate Programs. These programs promote mostly software products and marketing tools. Most have excellent training manuals and advice; extensive tracking stats and generous commission plans. Four of these: Sitesell (Dr. Ken Evoy), IMC (Corey Rudl) and Roibot (Mark Joyner) offer great newsletters for the beginning marketer as well as the seasoned Pro - you can't go wrong with joining any of these marketing masters.

  •  Sitesell   SBI Sitesell One of the best all around affiliate program. Good starting point for the beginner - Ken Evoy's FREE 5 pillar manual is an extensive training manual for the network marketer.You also get a FREE Link Tracker - find out easily which ads are working. His book "Make Your Site Sell" is considered the Bible of how to sell on the internet.This two-tier affiliate program offers LIFETIME commissions: you sell once - earn for life! Great quality products that sell themselves! If you are considering joining any affiliate program - Make it this ONE!

  •  coreyrudl  Details Learn from the best! Corey Rudl gets over 6 million visitors to his websites each year and is the author of Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet . The #1 best-selling Internet Marketing course online for more than 3 years running. He also produces Mailloop - software that can help you Automate your entire business. Learn from the best. Earn from the best.

  •  clickbank  ClickBank Online credit card processor also has an affiliate program. Large variety of software products and e-books. Check out their ClickBank Program and you will find something to sell on your website! Simple and easy to use - ClickBank has over 100,000 affiliates.

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